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  • There’s no place like home, rehab should be a staycation

    Health Horizons has countless years of hands on experience in senior health care, rehab, post surgical care. We provide skilled and sincere nursing and rehabilitation services in comfort of your home. Health Horizons strives to provide equal quality and continuing care. We work with the patient, their family and their medical team, executing the Plan of Care to facilitate open communication and compassionate services to the community.

    We create a cozy and nurturing environment. Our carefully selected team of CA-licensed rehabilitation specialized nurses and aides can help you recover from acute conditions requiring hospitalization or surgery that are generally caused by major injury or serious illness.

    • Rehab therapy starts upon conclusion of a screening and the primary physician’s establishment of the Plan of Care for the unique combination of medical condition and needs of the patient as well as their fitness to receive post acute care.
    • Our rehab specialized medical staff are committed to meeting the patient’s goals of care so that they can, reach positive outcomes, regain independence and live as safely as possible for their unique medical circumstance.
    • Our assertive team members and strategies lead to patient growth and further physical performance and independence.

    Specialty Areas for Rehabilitation goals

      • Daily living tasks
      • Dexterity training
      • Diabetes management
      • Dialysis care
      • Edema control
      • Home health aide
      • Infection prevention
      • Medical social work
      • Nurses
      • Occupational therapy
      • Pain management
      • Physical therapy
      • Physical strengthening
      • Sensory re-training
      • Short-term and respite care
      • Speech-language therapy
      • Dynamic &staticĀ  splint construction
      • Tissue-specific conditioning
      • Wound care

    Rehabilitation services

    • Disease process coping skills
    • Instilling hope and encouragement
    • Pain management
    • Prevention tools for maintaining health status
    • Self-care improvement
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    Physical Therapy

    Our CA-certified physical therapists work to treat and ease disease or disability through therapeutic treatments and exercise. We assist with bed mobility, gait training, bed mobility, wheelchair positioning, restraint reduction, and wound care. Health Horizons CA-licensed elderly and rehabilitation care physical therapists are well trained, licensed and serve patient specific treatment with a myriad of procedures for pain reduction, functional repair, and injury prevention.

  • Speech-Language Pathology Therapy

    Speech-language pathologists help patients regain and/or strengthen their ability to speak with clarity and ease. Health Horizons speech pathologists utilize the best of the most current technology and clinical processes to help patients regain and improve their ability to communicate and swallow.

  • Occupational Therapy

    Occupational therapy helps patients regain their abilities related to the tasks of daily living such as dexterity, hand movement and other disorders. Patients often require occupational therapy after an illness, serious injury, or for any other reason exhibit difficulty completing daily tasks of a basic level of independence such as dressing, grooming, eating, or general housekeeping.

  • Certified Home Health Aides

    Home health aid assistance assumes the responsibility of caring for patients that are home or housebound due to disability, cognitive impairment, or chronic illness. Additionally, our elderly caregivers help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, general housekeeping, and the administration of prescribed medications.

  • Medical Social Workers

    Health Horizons employs qualified medical social workers to provide patients and their family members with the psychosocial support required to manage with various acute, chronic, or terminal illnesses. We assist individuals and families who are facing severe medical issues. Services that medical social workers provide include, but are not limited to, counseling, support group facilitation and guiding patients and their families to additional community resources.