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Rehabilitation Services

Home is Where the Heart Is: In-Home Rehabilitation Services

Health Horizons marries years of experience with expert knowledge in rehabilitative care, elderly health care, and post acute and surgical care. We provide skilled, compassionate staff around the clock or as needed, and we prioritize making sure that you feel at home in your home.  We know that calm and happy clients are in the best position to become healthy clients and recover from a surgery, hospital stay, injury or serious illness..  Health Horizons’s skilled nursing and rehabilitation services team members focus on the provision of equal quality and continuing care. We work with our patients, their family members and primary physician, following the established Plan of Care to ensure clear and transparent communication as well as a caring and conscientious service to the greater community.

  • Rehabilitation therapy starts after the initial screening process is conducted and the primary care physician has put a Plan of Care into place for each patient’s individual medical circumstances and their potential and current ability to commit to post acute care.
  • Our rehabilitation services staff are committed to assisting each patient in the achievement of their prescribed and desired positive outcomes as well as the reclaiming of their independence and safe daily living to the full extent that their recovery permits.
  • Senior and elderly care and caretaker respite services are always provided by highly experienced, CA-licensed and approved rehabilitation nursing staff
  • Our assertive team members and proactive strategies help our patients’ further their growth, physical performance and the achievement of key milestones.
Common Rehab Services and Benefits
  • Routines of daily living
  • Dexterity improvement
  • Diabetic care and management
  • Dialysis care and management
  • Controlling of edema severity
  • Dynamic and static splint construction
  • Infection prevention
  • Medical social work counseling and case management
  • Occupational therapy and re-training
  • Pain management and prevention
  • Physical therapy, strengthening and re-training including tissue targeting exercises
  • Respite and short-term supplemental care for existing caregivers
  • Sensorial re-training
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Wound care and monitoring
  • Coping strategies for the disease process
  • Feelings of hope and encouragement
  • Heightened competence to carry out self-care tasks
  • Managed and lessened pain
  • Skills to prevent subsequent complications

Physical Therapy: Sustained Improvement in Simple Steps

Health Horizons physical therapy staff are on a mission to heal and ease disease status, disease symptoms and disability through training and exercise. We provide gait training, wound care, restraint reduction, bed mobility and wheelchair positioning. Health Horizons CA-licensed and highly trained physical therapists specializing in rehabilitation and elderly care physical provide unique patient specific treatment tailored to the goals of the Plan of Care, using a library of procedures to achieve pain reduction and elimination, functional rejuvenation and repair, as well as further injury prevention..

Speech and Language Pathologists

Speech and Language Pathologists  help patients to either regain or improve their ability to speak with clarity and ease. Health Horizons speech therapists strategically leverage the best of the appropriate, latest technology and clinical processes to further patients demonstrated abilities in basic communication and improve successful and proper swallowing.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is focused on helping patients rebuild skills related to tasks and routines common in daily living such as hand motion and other disorders of varying complexity. Patients may need this type of service due to serious injury ,illness, or any other situation resulting in having difficulty completing basic tasks required for living independently such as bathing, grooming, dressing, eating, and keeping house.

Home Health Aides

Health Horizons home health aides are responsible for patients that are relatively housebound due to disability, cognitive impairment, or chronic illness, as well as the normal aging process.  . Common services delivered will often include help with tasks such as bathing, grooming, dressing, keeping house as well as managing and administering prescribed medications.

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Medical Social Workers

Health Horizons medical social workers provide patients and their families with the psychosocial support and case management needed to adjust and cope with various acute, chronic or terminal conditions. Our Medical social workers guide individuals and families  facing serious medical issues. Services commonly provided by medical social workers may likely include counseling and consultation, gathering and facilitation of support groups as well as guiding patients and their families through the proper navigation and access other resources in their community.