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Physical Therapy

  • Health Horizons physical therapy experts foster patient wellness, healthy lifestyle choices, as well as injury and motion loss prevention.  The Health Horizons physical therapy team assists patients in the maintenance of their physical state and self awareness as well as the prevention of further deterioration through gentle and compassionate educative methods and following the primary physician’s prescribed Plan of Care.

    Our physio therapists work with patients who have suffered an injury, are recovering from a surgical procedure, or require geriatric care from brief check ins to round the clock coverage.  Together we face a patient’s health challenges as we work toward regaining the greatest possible level of independence both in and out of the home. We work with everyone on your care team to meet set recovery goals.

    Common conditions treated by our physical therapy staff

      • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
      • Arthritis
      • Back and neck pain
      • Balance disorders
      • Before and after pregnancy
      • Brain injury
      • Cerebral palsy
      • Diabetes
      • Heart attack
      • Incontinence
      • Limb amputation
      • Long term breathing problems
      • Multiple sclerosis
      • Muscular dystrophy
      • Neurological disorders
      • Orthopedic injuries
      • Spina bifida
      • Spinal cord injury
      • Stroke
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    What to expect during and after physical therapy

    Physiotherapy treatment methods vary depending on on patient need and the goals set in the care plan.   Pain treatment may include the use of: heat, ice, massage,  electrical stimulation, joint mobilization, stretches and ultrasonic pulse.

  • Services provided by our physiotherapy team

    • Artificial limb and prosthesis fitting and training (with or without orthotics)
    • Balance and spatial coordination training
    • Mobility skill development for bed and wheelchair bound patients including transfer training
    • Respiratory and cardiovascular stamina and endurance development
      • Ergonomic workstation evaluations
      • Fitness and wellness education
      • Flexibility and mobility rehabilitation
      • Gait training
      • Orthotic training of the lower extremities
      • Muscle re-education
      • Motor control training
    • Movement therapy
    • Speed and strength training
    • Walking preparation
    • Weight management

    The patient’s care program may gradually increase as they improve.  The overarching goal is to be in control of symptoms rather than being led by them, and eliminate their cause. As risk factors lessen and the condition improves therapy routines will be expanded in order to foster the acquisition of the greatest possible amount of independent mobility.

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    Improving mobility in a few easy steps

    Research shows that balance, gait, flexibility and strength training not only improve mobility, but also lessen the risk of further injury by falling or hyper-extension. Our compassionate staff are dedicated teachers, working with patients after an injury to walk again and be independent, or assisting disabled patients to learn to walk safely and confidently for the first time.

Geriatric care, let’s begin our life together

We know that having us in your home, especially due to again related issues, can feel like the end of independence or the loss of privacy, but this doesn’t have to be an ending.  We view our time with you as a new beginning, ensuring the longevity of quality of life.  Our staff are knowledgeable and local experts in physical rehabilitation.  Our life’s work is to help those exhibiting conspicuous, physical decline, growing mental confusion, and a sudden or growing inability to execute daily tasks.

Health Horizons geriatric care managers evaluate, plan, network, oversee and manage patient healthcare and quality-of-life. We are proactive in our physical therapy approach and prioritize client education in needed skills for risk reduction of hospitalizations, nursing facility admissions and rising healthcare costs. We are here to listen to patient concerns, make home visits, and provide recommendations for furthering patient quality of life and regaining their independence. We won’t settle for less than helping you to achieve your possible best.