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Occupational Therapy

  • Health Horizons occupational therapists utilize everyday tasks and routines to further patients in their rehabilitation. We treat patients with a variety of health conditions crossing emotional, developmental, mental, and physical challenges.  We work with each of our patients in the development, restoration, and furthering of the skills required to live and work with the greatest possible level of self-sufficiency and independence.  Occupational therapists guide patients in the  performance and completion of daily activities and routines required to lead independent, satisfying lives.  Quintessential tasks for daily living include, but are not limited to: food preparation, eating, dressing, grooming and computer operation.
    Health Horizons CA-license Occupational Therapeutic (OT) staff work collaboratively with the patient, their family members and primary physician to create and carry out a Plan of Care to bridge patients through their adjustment period needed to confidently resume the ownership of their daily lives.  OT staff periodically review treatment history and evaluate a patient’s progress, making adjustments to the treatment plan as appropriate.

    Typical Occupational Therapy Services May Include:

    • Observation of task performance, patient check-in, and medical history review
    • Establishment of a Plan of Care, identifying activities and quantifiable goals to be reached based on the primary physician’s recommendations
    • Facilitate a patient’s independently adjustment, control and function of their home living environment by the use of approved assistive devices like wheelchairs/wheelchair access, leg or knee braces, eating devices, speech synthesizers, etc.
    • Mentor and guidance for patients, their family members, and caregivers on methods to control their own behavior, manage individual anxiety, and overcome certain obstacles created by learning difficulties or poor social skills.
    • The assessment and treatment of basic performance skills
    • Fabrication, application, and training of approved orthotic or selective adaptive technology
    • Facilitation of self-maintenance and self-monitoring, work and leisure skills, with the use of either adapted or standardized therapeutic methods
    • Improvement of developmental and perceptual motor skills as well as integrative sensory functioning
  • Occupational Therapy

    Health Horizons Occupational Therapy Staff Work With A Variety of Conditions

    • Palsies eg Cerebral Palsey, Bell’s Palsey, etc.
    • Stroke victims seeking to regain levels of independence
    • Adults with low visual acuity desiring to live and drive safely
    • Sufferers of mental illness who want to assume basic personal responsibilities such as managing a checkbook or bank account, basic and appropriate use of a computer, shopping, and proper usage of public transportation services
    • Patient’s with chronic physical conditions e.g. arthritis who want to manage pain with exercise.
    • Victims of accidents or assault needing to regain confidence or relearn basic daily tasks

Flexible and Adaptive Treatment Approaches

Health Horizons occupational therapists are skilled professionals whose educational resume includes the study of human growth and development with emphasis on the mental and social impact that illness and injury on daily life. Continuing education for contemporary relevance and subsequent licensure renewal is required of all of our OT staff.

Our OT practitioners deliver assessment, consultation, and treatment to patients who are either at risk for or limited by illness, injury or developmental and learning challenges.  Our goal is to maximize patient independence, prevent further or continued disability, and maintain a basic level of daily health and wellness.