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Medical Social Services

Health Horizons medical social workers concentrate specifically on health issues. They counsel patients and their families, Medical social workers also further explain in-home health care policies and resources, how to locate and engage additional treatment, and offer guidance on illness and trauma recovery as well as their mental and physical consequences. Our California-licensed social workers facilitate communication between our patients and their medical team, so that patient questions get answered and patient concerns are met. Health Horizons medical social workers act as crucial part of a patient’s health care team. Our medical social workers offers the support and resources patients need in order to recover from illness or trauma as well as their mental and physical consequences. This may involve helping a client with practical tasks such as arranging meals and transportation after a hospital stay. Other times, this means giving mental and emotional support to crime victims, working with law enforcement in child abuse cases or scheduling grief counseling.

What Do Medical Social Workers Do?

  • Develop a Plan of Care in conjunction with the patient’s primary doctor, family members and other medical team members
  • Assist patient’s in the achievement of the highest possible degree of dignity and independence
  • Encouraging self-reliance to resolve crises
  • Collaborate with the primary physician on a Plan of Care to assess a patient’s medical or physical condition as well as their needs
  • Refer and counsel patient and family to invaluable community resources and support groups which help in the overcoming of dependencies and adjusting to new daily routines.
  • Managing the coordination of meals and transportation after a hospitalization or discharge from care facility to home or other care facility
  • Coordinate support groups and guide family members in understanding and supporting the patient
  • Adapt treatment plans to adjust to changes in a patient’s status and doctors recommendations
  • Monitor, evaluate, and record client progress according treatment described in the Plan of Care
  • Consult and coordinate all medical team members
  • Assess the home environment and make community resource recommendations as is appropriate
  • Track and report treatments and any changes in the medical condition

CA Public Health Social Workers

Health Horizons provides flexible CA public health choices to our patients. Our social work services span from hospices, hospitals, private homes and both private and public healthcare institutions. Health Horizons case manages all term lengths of medical care decisions and services so that our patient and their family members feel secure and cared for. We regularly travel in the field to monitor patient care.  Our medical social workers will visit during in-patient stays as well as at home after being discharged.

All of our medical social workers hold graduate degrees in social work emphasizing on medical experience. They are all CA-licensed social workers and have years of experience in the field. We strive to enhance and maintain a patient’s psychosocial and physical functioning. Health Horizons medical social workers are covered by Medicare and managed care plans.